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Our Commitments

Vicit are commited to making a difference for the coming generations. We recognise that as a business, we have a big part to play in the fight against climate change, and promoting diversity and inclusion.  

Vicit are proud to be part of Ecologi, where we are committed to a program of sustainability from carbon off-setting, to green energy and working with those that hold the same values. Ecologi's mission is to help both people and businesses reduce their environmental impact and achieve Net Zero and become carbon neutral. 

In the time we have worked with Ecologi, we understand our impact on the environment, and how not only how we need to get to Net Zero as a business, but how each individuals carbon footprint has an impact on our environment. We  ​ensure everything we do will have the climate at our forefront. This is why every employee and advisor are covered to ensure we reduce our footprint together and make a real difference for our future.

We are committed to equal opportunities, and are signed up to the Positive Diversity Charter. This ensures all our colleagues have the same access to opportunities for employment and promotion based on transparent criteria such as skill levels, performance, and competencies.

Our pillars of commitment are below: 

  • Promoting diversity and inclusion

  • Creating a diversity and inclusion policy

  • Undertaking an internal audit to understand your
    organisation's diversity

  • Plans to take positive action to be more diverse

  • Create and/or deliver training to all employees
    to understand the full range of diversity

  • Create and/or implement training to all employees
    to understand how communication and behaviours
    may affect another person and how to manage complaints

  • Create and/or implement training for employees on how
    to ‘call out’ inappropriate language, behaviour or anything else
    in a secure and supportive manner

  • Creating an environment where employees are secure to challenge inappropriate behaviour or language

  • Leadership taking a lead on being positive for diversity and inclusion

    To learn more about the Charter, please click the button below.


The Advanta Foundation support children in both the UK and internationally. They often run fundraising events and Vicit are proud supporters of their charity. Most recent events include rebuilding homes for families who are in the midst of the Ukraine war. We always back the Foundations initiatives as we believe they are making a huge difference for children and families who are in need. To read more about the Advanta Foundation and the great work they do, please click the button below.