We recognise that the pandemic is causing significant disruption to the life of businesses and the wellbeing of team members. It is undoubtedly causing stress and nervousness around what the future holds.

Recently I’ve been working with various businesses helping to plan and act to ensure survival and to strengthen their business where they can.  I’m also heavily involved in weekly and daily forums with hundreds CEO’s/business owners who are sharing insights, best practice (if you can call it that in current times), and lobbying government for changes and increased support (eg CBILS for small businesses). 

As such I am offering my time on a pro-bono basis to help other business owners who need it but might not be able to afford it.


Calls are with business owners/CEOs and focus on ensuring you don't just survive but also set up every opportunity for thriving.  Additionally, we cover the following:

  • Strategic considerations: scenario planning, incident management team

  • Workforce & communication

  • Operations & supply chain

  • Customers & revenue 

  • Head office functions

Following an initial call, should it be required, there is an option to extend to fortnightly (remote) meetings to check progress.


Time is offered to businesses on a first come first serve basis. 

If I don't think I can help you, I'll tell you.

During this time, I will also be sending summary update emails with any insightful documents I've picked up.  To be included in these emails, please sign up below.

Stay safe, 

Nick Patrick  |  Founder



Outside of published government guidelines and actions, Iisted below are the best documents that have found, that been written by other specialist organisations.  They are well worth a read, although note you take any advice at your own risk.  This section will be continually updated.


Business strategy during the COVID-19 crisis - Brighttalk webinar with John Courtney, Boardroom Advisors - great insight into crisis management tools (18th May 2020)


Government insight to discretionary grant for local businesses (13th May 2020)

Personnel Today - Furlough and notice pay considerations (29th April 2020)

August Equity -Insightful 4 part blog series on navigating out of COVID-19 (22nd April 2020)

4C Associates - Guide to Procurement behaviour in COVID-19 (21st April 2020)

First Round - Founders field guide for navigating the crisis (14th April 2020)

Cranfield's Business Growth Programme - provides a staged approach to managing out of a crisis

London Business School - the economics of a pandemic -

PwC - A comprehensive business checklist in times of emergency (30th March 2020) 




McKinsey - The Quickening - 10 year's growth in 3 months (July 2020)

Beauhurst - High Growth in London 2020 - London Ecosystem

Softbank Group report - especially from slide 43, booming industries and post-Covid outlook (18th May 2020)


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