"No matter how far you get ahead of me,

I'm gonna catch you"




Usain Bolt didn't become great just because of natural born talent.  He had the right mindset to enable him to spend his whole life dedicated to training and bettering himself to focus on those 114 seconds and winning.

At Vicit we help Founders and Exec teams develop the right mindset and deploy the right focus and effort to achieve their moment of greatness, through a range of advisory services.



Aligning achievable strategy to your goals

Many people have goals, but most never achieve them, and most never actually know really how to achieve them.

The same is true in business; many companies and business leaders cannot effectively identify what they want to achieve and how to reach these goals because they are stuck working in the business, not on it. 

Together we build and develop your companies aspirations, what can be achieved, and ensure they fundamentally grow your business and provide a clear projection for the future. 

We then deliver a collaborative and impartial assessment of the status quo, gap analysis and understanding the base of where your company is now, the platform upon which you can build.  The truth and the facts, rather than what you are told.

Following this, we help you to develop a strategy that maps to your goals, and importantly, is achievable.  This could incorporate any manner of change; personnel, sales strategy, functions, roles, reporting, analysis and market planning.  We will support and advise during this process, bringing our expertise, experience and best practice to ensure successful deployment.


Methodology, best practice & implementation

Without having sales and marketing effectively aligned to your strategy, change is difficult to achieve.

There are many moving parts to these functions and they need to work together effectively to ensure you march like an army.

We provide an expert opinion and best practice on how to build the correct platform, the best people and the right processes, the foundations for consistent, continued growth and development of your company.


Structure that enables scale

When you are so busy working in your business it is surprisingly difficult to deliver effective governance on a consistent basis that help support your strategic plans.

The right strategy and the right team still needs the right structures in place in order to monitor and manage change as well as performance, communicate effectively and look to the future.

We bring this knowledge to you, from board room management, to team communication structures, to on-boarding best practice and everything in-between. 


Enhancing leadership skills

Once you are delivering change, Vicit provide an outlet for advice support to you and your executive team; Advice and support from someone who has ‘been there and done that'.

We help you to explore solutions to your challenges, develop you and your executive teams to lead effectively and continue to deliver in line with your Roadmap, ensure you are accountable where you should be, and keep you on track for achieving your company growth.


Determine suitability via a quick phone call identifies whether we can add value and help you.

Meeting face to face is essential to determine like minds and to look at the detail of your challenge in order to build an effective proposal

We build a proposal to run through with you that lays out how we move forward and tackle your challenges.

Please get in touch to discuss how our talented team can help you achieve results that matter.


Vicit provides advisory support to help organisations in the Knowledge Economy define goals, deliver strategy and de-risk and scale growth.

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