Uninterrupted time out of the office to focus on what's important


At a Vicit Leadership Retreat, you step away from the day-to-day pressures to benefit from an intimate, comprehensive programme of business-critical learning specifically designed for founders and leaders of people-based businesses.


Next Retreat: Barcelona, 22/23rd - 25th June 2022

Famous for its stunning architecture, sandy beaches, and world-class cuisine, not to mention a vibrant cultural heritage, Barcelona attracts visitors from around the world and is the first Retreat venue for 2022.


Gain the knowledge, tools and confidence to drive growth and achieve your business goals

Set in one of the world’s greatest cities, through a series of speaker sessions, interactive workshops, 1:1s and structured dinners, each retreat gives you unprecedented access to a handpicked group of growth specialists, with deep experience in helping scale-ups transform how they achieve their growth targets.

Over the course of the retreat, our growth specialists will guide you through our proven framework for growth, that is specifically focused on businesses like yours, ensuring you leave with a clearly structured action plan that addresses the challenges you have in achieving business goals.

We also take you on an adventure, and soak up the city's culture, while spending valuable time with peers and experts who have walked a mile in your shoes and lived and breathed your challenges.



Two business days out of your business, but a guarantee that you'll regain that in time saved and benefit from so much more.

Aligning strategic objectives to Board, managment and departmental KPIs

Extracting leadership from sales and operational processes

Building high-performing sales functions

Driving efficiency and success through automation

Scaling around your people and making their progress measurable

Turning your culture into a competitive advantage

Leveraging cash flow and funding innovation to fuel growth

Negotiation techniques that drive consistent marginal gains


Our Growth Experts

From launching their own companies and exiting at the right time, to advising start-ups and scale-ups on strategy, culture and maximising employee performance, our six specialist speakers have deep experience and expertise in helping businesses transform to succeed.

During a series of intimate speaker sessions and workshops, they will guide you through a detailed, integrated framework for growth. 

Outside of these, spend time with our growth experts in groups or 1:1 to discuss specific issues, clarify key takeaways and help you turn that framework into an actionable change plan for your business, no matter what its level of maturity.

You'll return revitalised, with clarity on the actions you can take, along with supporting templates and designs that will improve your business growth



Our retreats are crafted specifically with founders and business leaders in mind. 

We carefully vet all attendees to ensure fit and suitability and that everyone maximises their opportunity to learn from each other, it is not an opportunity to pitch to each other.


22/23rd - 25th June 2022


7/8th - 10th September 2022


March 2023



  1. You must be a founder or one of the leaders of your business

  2. Knowledge Economy: Your business must be a consulting or tech firm, or an organisation where your people are your value,

  3. Turnover in excess of £500k and under £15m (either currently or historically).


We only invite growth experts that we've closely worked with before, ensuring that the advice and learning is joined up and totally focused on your business.

We operate on a maximum of 1 expert to 2 delegates to ensure our retreat is intimate, extremely focused and highly valuable.  

We start on the Thursday morning, with accommodation provided from Wednesday evening.  You can join and leave at your convenience.  Detailed agendas are tailored to the leaders who attend to ensure relevance.  These are provided in advance.



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Nick is the Founder of Vicit and has been running retreats like this for a number of years.  Align your diary with his to discuss the growth framework we guide you through and how the retreats can help you