Covid Resources: Triage & Action

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Outside of published government guidelines and actions, Iisted below are the best documents that have found, that been written by other specialist organisations. They are well worth a read, although note you take any advice at your own risk.


Business strategy during the COVID-19 crisis - Brighttalk webinar with John Courtney, Boardroom Advisors - great insight into crisis management tools (18th May 2020)

Government insight to discretionary grant for local businesses (13th May 2020)

Personnel Today - Furlough and notice pay considerations (29th April 2020)

August Equity -Insightful 4 part blog series on navigating out of COVID-19 (22nd April 2020)

4C Associates - Guide to Procurement behaviour in COVID-19 (21st April 2020)

First Round - Founders field guide for navigating the crisis (14th April 2020)

Cranfield's Business Growth Programme - provides a staged approach to managing out of a crisis

London Business School - the economics of a pandemic -

PwC - A comprehensive business checklist in times of emergency (30th March 2020)